pGreek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium (GTYLS) on Security

4-7 December 2019
Kavala, Greece

The 5th Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium (GTYLS) on Security took place in Kavala, Greece on 4-7 December 2019 in in partnership with the Thessaloniki-based Navarino Network, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium (GTYLS) on Security included the participation of 15 Greek and 15 Turkish International Relations and related specialists (MA students, PhD candidates, young PhD scholars, and professionals), aged between 22 and around 35 years old, and Greek and Turkish experts that will act as speakers and trainers. 

The GTYLS included sessions on The State of the WorldUnderstanding Turkish and Greek Foreign PoliciesAssessing the State of Greek-Turkish RelationsCommunicating Greek-Turkish RelationsNATO’s Role, and Young Leaders and Engagement. All debates and discussions channeled into the “Peer to Peer Workshop” facilitated by an expert trainer where participants will work together to develop collaborative project proposals.

You may see the event photos in here.

Press coverage of the Symposium

"Τρεις κοινές προτάσεις από νέους σε Ελλάδα και Τουρκία" (Three joint proposals from youth in Greece and Turkey) (Greek)
By Alexandros Fotiadis
December 2019

Please see the event reports below:

“The Spirit of Kavala” Zoom Meeting

“Der Geist von Kavala”