The CIES Commentary series offers op ed style insights (1000-2000 words) on topical issues of interest to the research areas the CIES focuses on. The views expressed are attributable only to the author in a personal capacity and not to any institution with which he is associated.

CIES Commentary 10

Avoiding the Emergence of a Dystopian World by Dimitrios Triantaphyllou (March 2018)

The author assesses the current state of the world with the apparent demise of the liberal world order and the lack of prescriptions as to how to avoid further disorder.

CIES Commentary 09

China’s BRI, the Middle East and the Mediterranean by George N. Tzogopoulos (March 2018)

The author assesses China’s foreign and economic policy via its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI).

CIES Commentary 08

Does Europe have a future? Of course, it does by Dimitrios Triantaphyllou (March 2017)

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome, the author debates whether Europe has a future.

CIES Commentary 07

Reflections on the fluidity of the international order by Dimitrios Triantaphyllou (21 December 2016)

The author assesses the international order as it transitions between 2016 and 2017 by reflecting on its fluidity and uncertainty.

CIES Commentary 06

Russia Plays on the Unpredictability of the New Cold War by Pavel Baev (31 October 2016)

The author assesses the state of affairs between Russia and the West. He claims that the two sides are currently in the midst of a New Cold War for lack of a better name that is driven by Moscow’s sense of insecurity.

CIES Commentary 05

Ukraine: The revolution of minds? by Hanna Shelest (12 March 2014)

This CIES commentary presents the key issues that the ongoing Ukrainian crisis and its evolution into a bras de fer between the international community and the Russian Federation over Crimea. It assesses the realities on the ground and suggests that the involvement of various stakeholders and international organizations is nevertheless insufficient to provide reliable mechanisms to guarantee the security of third countries like Ukraine. 

CIES Commentary 04

Dateline Egypt: The fragile path to democracy by Stefanos Vallianatos (17 July 2013)

The commentary assesses the ongoing challenges in Egypt since the overthrow of Mohammad Morsi in early July by the military on the heel of massive popular protests. It considers the way forward and the options the Muslim Brotherhood, the secularists, and the military have available to them in order to avoid total breakdown and maybe even find the proper modus vivendi leading to a re-start of Egypt's democratization process.

CIES Commentary 03

Hakol Beseder B'Eli Haseder - Israel's apology and Turkey by Salih Bıçakcı (17 April 2013)

The commentary assesses the recent developments in relations between Turkey and Israel in particular since the Mavi Marmara incident of May 2010 and considers whether the Israel’s apology marks the immediate normalization of relations or the start of a long process of confidence building between the two countries.

CIES Commentary 02

The 1 October 2012 elections in Georgia - what happened; what did not happen; what will happen by Tedo Japaridze (12 March 2013)

This CIES Commentary assesses the implications of Georgia’s recent parliamentary elections and the ongoing debates about the country’s orientation. The author also makes a plea for a ‘normal’ political process which accounts for policy differences but abstains from crippling polarization. 

CIES Commentary 01

Italy votes: a Greek tragedy in Magna Grecia by Sebastiano Sali (6 March 2013)

This CIES Commentary looks at the results of last month’s parliamentary election in Italy and its impact on the country.