Kadir Has University and Coventry University Joint Summer Course on
“Turkey and its Environs”

7-12 July 2014

The Center for International and European Studies is coordinating a one-week long summer course on “Turkey and its Environs” for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of International Relations, European Studies, Political Science and Turkish Studies. This course is offered jointly by Kadir Has University and Coventry University.  

The aim of the course is to present a substantive overview of the drivers of Turkey’s foreign policy in particular in relationship with its neighbourhoods -- Western Europe, the Black Sea Region, the Caucasus and Russia, the Mediterranean and the Greater Middle East. It will explore the key issues that shape its foreign policy dynamics as well as how they impact with other stakeholders such as the European Union, the United States and the United Nations. It will also try to provide an assessment of where Turkish foreign policy is heading. The course is also meant to present an overview of the domestic context in terms of its politics; democracy; gender relations; the role of the media; and the influence of Istanbul. Finally, the economic and financial context both domestically and internationally will also be assessed.

The course will be supported by guest lecturers with requisite expertise and a comprehensive reading list. It is designed to include 4 lectures/discussions of an hour and a half duration each per day over the course of 6 days (36 hours in total).

More information regarding the course fees and how to apply can be found here.

Course Outline

Course Director: Dr. Dimitrios Triantaphyllou