Summer Course on “Turkey, Europe, and theShared Neighborhoods”

1 – 17 July 2013

The CIES is coordinating a two and a half week long summer course on “Turkey, Europe and the Shared Neighborhoods” for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in International Relations, European Studies and Political Science.

The course is being offered as part of the 2013 Summer Courses offered by Kadir Has University

The course is designed for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students in the disciplines of International Relations, European Studies, Political Science and Turkish Studies. The aim of the course is to understand the relationship between the European Union and Turkey through the prism of their two shared neighborhoods – the Eastern Neighborhood encompassing the Black Sea Region, the Caucasus and Russia, and the Mediterranean South including the Middle East – and to envisage how both sides can work together in enhancing their security, stability, and prosperity.

The course will be supported by guest lecturers from Kadir Has University and other universities/institutions across Europe and Turkey with the requisite expertise and a comprehensive reading list. The course is designed to be interactive with each session consisting of a 45 minute lecture and a 45 minute discussion/debate regarding the topic presented by the lecturer.

Prerequisites: Some basic knowledge about the European Union and social sciences.

Course evaluation: Participation and take-home final exam

All relevant information including the course credits offered, fees, and the draft course outline can be found here.